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“Deep Fibre Broadband for The Networked Economy”

Yet Another Slapdown for TPG

This post first appeared on the 13th May 2019 in the Australian telco newsletter CommsDay under the heading “TPG continues to be the whipping boy of policy inconsistency”. TPG became a successful operator through keeping to itself while building its...

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No Person is Above the Law

As the title of this post makes clear what follows is not about the Network Economy and especially not about the need for Deep Fibre Broadband. Readers who aren’t interested in my opinion on mainstream political matters may want to skip this read. The release of...

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“Basic Infrastructure for a Good Life”

“It [fibre] is basic infrastructure for a good life”. So ends a new book by Susan Crawford, a Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, on the plight of delivering better broadband for Americans. The book “Fiber: The Coming Tech Revolution and Why...

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Is an NBN quick fix possible?

As we enter 2019 there will likely be increasing excitement about the prospects of a new Labor government taking control of the NBN policy and fixing the mistakes of the last 5 years of Coalition’s NBN policy. For example on New Years’ Day the Australian Financial...

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