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“Deep Fibre Broadband for The Networked Economy”

“Basic Infrastructure for a Good Life”

“It [fibre] is basic infrastructure for a good life”. So ends a new book by Susan Crawford, a Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, on the plight of delivering better broadband for Americans. The book “Fiber: The Coming Tech Revolution and Why...

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Is an NBN quick fix possible?

As we enter 2019 there will likely be increasing excitement about the prospects of a new Labor government taking control of the NBN policy and fixing the mistakes of the last 5 years of Coalition’s NBN policy. For example on New Years’ Day the Australian Financial...

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Why a write-down for NBN Co is not the main issue

The possible write-down of taxpayer’s investment in NBN Co is again making news. The Labor Opposition have again put a spotlight on this issue by challenging the chairman of NBN Co, Ziggy Switkowski, to justify his statements that no write-down is necessary at...

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