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Charles Nagy

Climate Science Commentator

Climate Science Commentator

Charles has been following the Global Warming discussion since the 1990’s, when he realised that it was going to be a huge problem. He has since been particularly focused on confronting climate change denial and how to explain the current science in a clear, understandable and unambiguous way for non-specialists to comprehend.

Charles is an ex Royal Australian Air force helicopter pilot and instructor who Studied Physics at Flinders University, South Australia. He has been a computer consultant and programmer for the past 30 years, currently a contract consultant for IBM, Europe. Charles lives in France with his wife and they share a passion for saving wildlife. Charles flies light aircraft for conservation in Tanzania, conducting surveys and anti poaching activities, protecting the remaining elephant herds – more on that here.

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Gary McLaren

Telecommunications Executive

Climate Science Commentator

Gary is an experienced businessman who has had senior roles in the industry for three decades. He is currently Chief Technology Officer at Hong Kong Broadband Network (aka HKBN) which he joined in mid-2015. HKBN is as a challenger fibre broadband carrier that has helped propel Hong Kong to the top of the global broadband rankings by building a fibre broadband network without government subsidy or assistance.

Previously, he was the Chief Technology Officer at Australia’s NBN Co from 2009 to 2014. Among other roles, Gary was also responsible for products, regulatory and carrier relations at Request Broadband, a company that pioneered innovative network solutions to the SME market during the period of very fast growth of the internet at the beginning of the century.

With his deep insights and experience Gary, has strong views on both the history and the future of the Australian telecommunications industry. You can find his blog here.

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