About Kim Wingerei

After many years in business, as an entrepreneur, salesman and a perennial generalist, dabbling in many things, and expert at nothing, I now spend most of my time writing.

I blog as a political commentator, write non fiction books, the odd short story, the occasional travel note and a bit of poetry when inspiration finds me. I also translate poetry and books from Norwegian to English and vice-versa.  (Well – one so far: Sound of a Murder).

My passion is to write about change, trying to understand not just what’s happening, but why; looking beyond the headlines and place our often confusing, yet rapidly changing world in a historical context. I endeavour to write without bias and pre-conceived ideas – a lofty ambition in which I sometimes fail. But as I learned from my business career, we all learn more from our failures than our successes…

A resident on the Gold Coast of Australia, sometimes Ubud in Bali, originally from Norway, citizen of the world.

I think, therefore I write. I read, therefore I think.
(with due reverence to Descartes)

My books available for purchase - click on a title for details:

Why Democracy is Broken
Kim Wingerei


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