Turned to writing at 60, reckon that'll do for the next 30 years, then I'll become a musician - after that, who knows, maybe a wizard...

About Kim Wingerei

After many years in business, as an entrepreneur, salesman and perennial generalist, dabbling in many things and  an expert at nothing, I now spend most of my time writing.

I write, publish and edit for Michael West Media, publish theIndependents.org.au, write nonfiction books, the odd short story, the occasional travel note and a bit of poetry when inspiration finds me. I also translate poetry and books from Norwegian to English, including the Scandinavian Noir thriller, Sound of a Murder, the first in a series – number two to come in 2024.

My passion is to write about change, trying to understand not just what’s happening but why, looking beyond the headlines and placing our often confusing yet rapidly changing world in a historical context. I endeavour to write without bias and pre-conceived ideas – a lofty ambition in which I sometimes fail. But as I learned from my business career, we all learn more from our failures than our successes…

Currently, I live with my wife in Bali, Indonesia, visit family and friends in Australia frequently, and travel elsewhere regularly. Originally from Norway, also lived in Chicago, Stockholm, Singapore, Melbourne and the Gold Coast. A citizen of the world.

I think, therefore I write. I read, therefore I think.
(with due reverence to Descartes)


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Why Democracy is Broken

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