“Why do borders still surround us,
lines drawn on a map
by men no longer here?

Why are we still afraid
to cross a line unseen
when it isn’t even there?

Why have we yet to learn
that trees of knowledge
must be harvested
with care?

And why are all the tales
of yesteryear
so readily ignored?

Why do we live in fear
of enemies unknown
when everyone around us
is equally afraid?

Why do we still believe
in one true creed
when so few have faith
and religion just divides us?

Why do we still believe
that God is there to rule
when the only God that matters
is the one within
that guides us all?

Why does conflict still pervade
where reason could prevail?
Why does conflict still pervade
where reason could prevail?

Why do we choose to argue
when deep down we know
that an argument won
is a question unresolved?

Why do we still wage war
when history has shown
that war has only victims?

Why do we keep on fighting
when the only world we know
is crumbling all around us?

But if we take the time to listen
and strive to understand
hear what is around us
with heart and not just mind;

Look to learn
and not to judge
asking why
to seek the truth;

Asking why
to tell us how;

will tell us how.”

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