To Lead

With suitable reverence to The Bard – I am sure he wouldn’t have minded…

“To lead or not to lead,
that is the question;

Whether it is better
in your mind to follow;

The slings and arrows
of grave injustice;

Or to take stand
against the oppressors;

And by opposing tell them;
to cease, to leave, and go in peace;

No more; take charge,
away, away, from this
destructive path;

To die, to sleep; to ignore
and thus pretend it isn’t so;

Aye, there’s the rub,
the comfort of your dreams,
or to face the truth;

There’s the respect;
of principle, of honesty,
of being true to self;

For who would want to see,
to see the few prevail,
if all of us do nothing,
it happens yet again.”

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