It’s not what you think, Israel Folau!

Israel Folau – I do not fear you, the way you fear those of a different sexual orientation. Nor do I hate you, the way you express your hate towards those of a different faith.

I wish I could ignore you, the way you ignore your contractual obligations. But I do not I condemn you, the way you condemn some of your fellow human beings to hell.

I don’t even despise you, the way you despise those whose only “sin” is to hold you to account for your actions.

It is your actions that I abhor, it is what you say that I decry – how your words serve only to divide us – and harm the reputation of the country that we both love.

Yet I would defend your right to speak your mind with my dying breath. Because that’s what freedom of speech is about – as it is my right to disagree with equal vehemence, albeit devoid of your venom.

But I doubt you would do the same for me, I am atheist, you see. And I believe that every human has a right to exist, to enjoy their own life and practice their own faith in our midst, without being damned to hell for their beliefs.

Because that – nothing more and nothing less – is what freedom of religion means.


The Religion of Sport

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