The Evening and the Morning (Kingsbridge #0)
author: Ken Follett
name: Kim
average rating: 4.52
book published: 2020
rating: 5
read at: 2020/09/19
date added: 2020/09/19
Another thrilling read by the master of historical fiction

It is hard for any writer to measure up to previous success. Pillars of the Earth was a masterpiece of historical fiction, and the sequels were – although not quite as majestic – both most entertaining reads. With The Evening and the Morning Follett has written another story that puts the reader back in a place 1,000 years ago with imagination, insights and authenticity. I enjoyed reading about the making of Kings Bridge and its many characters, neatly integrated into the historical narrative of Kings and Clergy and the plight of the common people; devouring all 800 pages or so with unbridled delight.

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