Sound of a Murder

A new take on the Scandinavian crime genre!

In Sound of a Murder Marius Tokle, a well educated young man of 25, born and
living in Oslo, Norway. A senseless tragedy in his youth has
made him into a man with a somewhat skewed moral
compass. Society owes him, although he is neither bitter,
nor vindictive by nature. Just a pragmatist on life’s journey.
A shady deal gone wrong, Marius is on the run, and then by
chance he witnesses a murder. But the culprits have no idea
he is there. Marius uses the situation to his advantage, and
his life changes forever, in more ways than one.

Sound of a Murder is a story of a young man, his choices
and their consequences. It is a story of misplaced ingenuity,
of how money corrupts and how life events shape who we
become. The characters are defined by their actions, the
dialogue sharp, and the twists many and unexpected.

Oslo is often described as a big small town, everyone
seems somehow connected, and old school ties run deep.
But Norwegians are also famously reserved, in stark
contrast to a transparency of personal records unthinkable
in most other countries, to the benefit of authorities and
criminals alike. This dichotomy adds colour and substance
to a story that smolders and burns, unexpected
developments pushes the readers imagination,
but remain on the right side of plausibility.

Sound of a Murder is a real page-turner that will keep
you guessing until the very last page.

sound of a murder

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