Johnnie gets scammed_

The ‘Reserve Bank’s Communications Department’ has emailed Johnnie, the MWM Executive Vice-President of Human Resources. What’s the scam?

The scam is one of those ‘give me your bank account details so we can give you money’ scams. An email purportedly from “Reserve Bank of Australia”, representing a Mrs Joan from Sydney, has “arrived to retrieve the funds in your memory. The aforementioned individual has arrived with documents purporting to claim the funds in your name since it was stated that you had passed away.”

This was highly disrespectful from the RBA’s Communications Dept and may be the subject of a complaint to the e-Safety Commissioner for harassment via a carriage service. Although Johnnie does spend a great deal of time asleep on the couch at the MWM global headquarters, he is by no means dead.

In fact having retired from professional athletics with a 65 race record, he has made the transition successfully to become head of HR for this multinational enterprise and is vital to the esprit de corps at MWM in terms of team-building, complaints resolution and performing other key HR functions such as onboarding.

Sadly, the message from the “RBA” offered no insights into next month’s interest rate announcement …

Johnnie gets email

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