Paper Emperors: The rise of Australia's newspaper empires
author: Sally Young
name: Kim
average rating: 4.00
book published:
rating: 5
read at: 2019/06/01
date added: 2019/09/07
I enjoyed every page of this book – a well narrated and throughly researched expose into the history of Newspapers in Australia, and in particular the men (and it was, and is, almost all men) that owned them and ran them.

Starting with the beginning of the 19th century Sally Young writes a wonderful yarn which depicts not only the history of the newspapers, but puts it all in a flowing historical context. It paints the picture of how media proprietors have had so much influence in Australia – making and breaking politicians as well as influencing policies to suit their interests and their mates.

It finishes with the Second World War. Can’t wait for volume II, due out in a year or so.

For my interview with Sally about her book and the current media landscape in Australia, click here:…

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