Turned to writing at 60, reckon that'll do for the next 30 years, then I'll become a musician - after that, who knows, maybe a wizard...

Divide and conquer – Google and Facebook show who’s the boss!

Independent media winning the battle of the online audience

Independent media, online and print, continues to grow. Meanwhile, traditional media is under threat on many fronts, driven by stalling readership and declining revenue. News Corp, in particular, is losing out in the online audience stakes. The onset of the pandemic...

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Deep Dive into UK Broadband success with FTTP

Deep Dive into UK Broadband success with FTTP

I recently was invited to present to the Australian Telecommunications Associations (TelSoc) and chose to present on what has been happening on the broadband scene in the United Kingdom over recent years. Of particular interest to me is how the UK market is...

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