Climate protests vs Qantas execs

What’s the scam with jailing two climate protesters for disrupting Melbourne traffic when Qantas heavies cop a fine for dudding thousands of customers’ air traffic plans?

The scam is the biggest corporate scam of the year – the Qantas ‘Ghost Flights’ scam – has been ‘settled’ with regulators ACCC and the scam-meisters are paying a fine with shareholders’ money!

Violet Coco and Brad Homewood were both released from jail last weekend. They had served two-month sentences for their climate protests, for disrupting traffic. A third person, Joseph Zammit, has yet to face trial but may be sentenced to jail, too.

No doubt thousands of commuters were severely inconvenienced for a few hours on March 5 this year as Extinction Rebellion activists blocked traffic on the West Gate Bridge during morning rush hour. So they went to jail.

Qantas however, whose people knowingly ‘failed’ to inform customers about cancelled flights and for months kept selling flights that were already cancelled, won’t be charged and will continue to receive their salaries and bonuses. Their actions disrupted the travel plans of 86,597 people over a period of many months. Their motive was profit.

The ACCC offered them the out-of-jail card, which Qantas CEO Vanessa Hudson gladly took.

Qantas, the ACCC and a slap on the wrist. What’s the scam?


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