AUKUS on Lake Erie

Japan mooted as the next to join the AUKUS pact? India too, encouraged to join the anti-China team. But first, another set of Indians wants in. What’s the scam?

The scam is the AUKUS Forum – a self-appointed ‘interest group’ hungry to share in the submarine loot. Their ‘AUKUS Connect USA‘ program recently announced the inclusion of Chad Johnson’s Akana Group in Ann Arbour, Michigan.

The Akana Group is a ‘100% Native owned small business enterprise [which] specializes in providing strategic and reliable operational support services for tribal, government and private sector partners’. The group is keen to ‘build allyship with First Nations businesses and Communities around the world,’ and it has recently established an operation in Australia.

Ann Arbour is landlocked, a long way from the oceans where submarines roam, but at least it is not far from Lake Erie, from where the shortest voyage to the Atlantic is via Niagara Falls.

They are said to work closely with John Deere – a tractor manufacturer – among other companies in the areas of Agriculture, Forestry, Seasonal Maintenance, Construction, Roads, Service Trucks and Commercial Cleaning equipment. The submarine sector must be a natural extension of those … maybe?

It joins some of the other AUKUS partners in Bathurst and Queensland’s Banana Shire, all clamouring for a share in that $368B AUKUS pot of gold.

Forget the Bathurst 1000, enter the AUKUS 368. What’s the Scam?

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