AUKUS Guardians in Space

The AUKUS Forum is at it again, expanding the nuclear submarine mirage into space and beyond in the hope they can jag a slice of that lovely $368B AUKUS money. What’s the scam?

We are not sure if the hangers-on at the AUKUS forum have got themselves a piece of the submarines pie yet but the scam appears to to keep trying; the latest PR is the ‘AUKUS Guardians‘, an offshoot of the AUKUS Forum, which is forever finding new ways to ride the AUKUS gravy train, led by CEO, Michael Sharpe, aka. The Rolodex Man with his 100,000 personal LinkedIn contacts.

We have previously reported on the Forum’s support of North Queensland’s Banana Shire, the AUKUS 368 in Bathurst and getting Native Americans involved. Now it’s taking to the sky with a new initiative designed to “to bolster the resilience of space-based assets integral to the civil, commercial, and national security sectors of Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.”

AUKUS to JAUKUS or JAUKUSI – what’s next? The Indians are coming!

It appears we have missed this part of the official AUKUS program, but according to the website,

“AUKUS partners are dedicated to minimizing the vulnerabilities of space-based assets to military strikes and natural disasters. For example, by creating new constellations of low-Earth orbit small satellites, the partners enhance their collective resilience. This strategy reduces dependency on existing assets and strengthens the ability to withstand and adapt to challenges in space.”

As always, the AUKUS Forum is big on rhetoric and short on details. In that sense, at least, it’s true to the essential nature of the AUKUS program itself.

Secret Defence docs: we need a large civilian workforce for AUKUS nuclear submarine reactors

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