Churchill and Orwell – The Fight for Freedom

Churchill and Orwell – The Fight for Freedom

At first glance they may seem like an odd couple, but their influence on the seminal events and the thinking of the 20th century are equally profound. Winston Churchill defined and led the resistance against the tyranny of Adolf Hitler, George Orwell understood and explained the nature of totalitarian regimes. They were both men who were prepared to change themselves in order to change the world.

Peter Fitzsimons – Eureka:The Unfinished Revolution

Peter Fitzsimons managed not just to tell a compelling story about a fascinating and much misunderstood period of Australian history, but he does it in a way that captures the times impeccably – you can feel it, smell it, see it throughout a truly memorable...

Antony Beevor – The Second World War

A totally engrossing and captivating book that manages to compress so much knowledge and details into an immensely accomplished story. The heroes, the villains and the utter folly of war told with passion and respect, yet managing to convey it in a way that also...

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